Working toward reopening

We’re currently working on a reopening plan for Urge 3 Tattoos. Once we finalize our new procedures for the shop I’ll be posting them here and on my social media.
I’ve been getting a ton of emails as of late looking for new work. While I am taking names for a waitlist, I am prioritizing the clients I rescheduled at the beginning of this pandemic. Once those clients are rebooked (about 3 months worth of appointments) I’ll start contacting those of you on the waitlist. Please be patient as things will be moving a bit slower than normal. We care about your safety and the safety of our families.
If you had an appointment previous to the lockdown I will be contacting you once we have everything set in place.
For those wanting new work please just email, with name, phone number, and brief description so that I can add you to my waitlist.Email is

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