In order to set up a consultation

Email with the following information :

•What days between Thursdays through Mondays are you available ? 

•A phone number (required)

He will email back with the next available consultation date and time that is open  

What is a consultation

Typically at a consultation your design is talked about: style, layout, measurements, etc. Please bring printed reference pictures that help show the style of the tattoo you're looking for with you to the consultation. A deposit is taken and a timeline for the project is discussed, with an art check and tattoo appointment dates set.

How deposits work 

Deposits are taken at consultation and used to hold your appointment time and to ensure your artist’s time is not wasted. 

They are typically $100 non-refundable cash, which is then applied to the price of your tattoo. Your deposit will carry over on multi-session tattoos and will be applied to the cost of your final appointment.

You will lose your deposit if you:

•change the tattoo idea after consultation 

•have changes to a drawing after your art check

•fail to show up for your appointment

•show up high or drunk

•come in dirty or stinky 

•are underage (we are 18+ only) or without ID

•cancel with less than 48 hours notice

•are excessively late for your appointment (half hour or more)

•are rude to staff or artists

How tattoos are priced 

Tattoos are typically priced two ways: by the piece and by the hour.

Hourly prices can vary from artist to artist and region to region. Hourly has always been the discounted rate for larger work (3 hours or more) and multiple session tattoos. Hourly is normally for custom work done in the artist’s style.

Traditionally pricing by the piece is for medium to smaller tattoos and is a combination of materials/equipment used and time needed.

Piece work tattoos use the same set up as a larger tattoo but are done within a set time and are priced accordingly. By the piece pricing is normally for medium to small flash style tattoos.

Most shops have a shop minimum price for really small tattoos that take less than 30 minutes. This can vary depending on the artist’s experience and set up cost. 

Tattoo supplies

I’ve personally used the same type of high quality inks since 2003, some a few years longer. They are time-tested, vegan-friendly, organic powder pigments.

I use disposable barriers on all items touched throughout the tattoo process. They are 100% biodegradable plant-based professional products. As more environmentally friendly equipment becomes available I will be using it, as I hope this becomes the industry standard. 

All tubes and needles used are single-use disposable to guarantee the safety of artist and client.

Safety protocols and procedures 

•If you are sick, have a fever or have been exposed to someone who has, please let us know ASAP so we can reschedule your consultation, art check or appointment.

•Only those with appointments will be welcomed into the shop. Please don’t bring friends or family to your appointment.

•Once in shop you will be required sanitize your hands with hands-free hand sanitizer by the door.

•All clients must be of legal age (18+) no exceptions

•If you are unable or unwilling to follow all protocols, we will not able to tattoo you at this time.

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•Shop - @urge3tattoos

Conventions/Guest spots

I'm currently not working conventions anymore, but am doing doing regular guest spots in Vancouver 
Email to be added to Vancouver wait list: with "Vancouver" in the subject line and a phone number in the message to be added to contact list.

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