Predrawn custom one offs available

Due to our being appointment only currently, it’s hard for people to check out my sketchbooks of available custom pre-drawn tattoo illustrations.  I created a second instagram @tli_draws to show off my available pre-drawn one offs. 

How it works: Go follow @tli_draws on instagram; when you see something you want to get tattooed comment “interested” and email to make arrangements for a deposit. Once a deposit is left, I will pull the image and set it aside with your name on it and we can set up an appointment to do the tattoo at Urge 3 Tattoos in beautiful Penticton BC.

Reopening Update June 4th 2020

As we are currently going to be open as a appointment only shop for the forseeable future due to health authorities recomendations all appointments will be first arranged by email: 

Urge 3 Tattoos-Safety protocols and procedures 

-If you are sick, have a fever or have been exposed to someone who has, please let us know ASAP so we can reschedule your appointment.

-Only those with appointments will be welcomed into the shop. Please don’t bring friends or family to your appointment.

-On arrival to your appointment knock lightly on the front window to let your artist know you’ve arrived, as our doors will be locked. 

-Once let in you will be required sanitize your hands with hands-free hand sanitizer by the door.

-All clients will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the shop. If you cannot bring one we will provide one for you. 

-Clients will not be permitted to handle or touch potentially contaminated personal items ie: cell phones, jewelry, etc 

-If you are unable or unwilling to follow all protocols, we will not able to tattoo you at this time.

Thank you

Working toward reopening

We’re currently working on a reopening plan for Urge 3 Tattoos. Once we finalize our new procedures for the shop I’ll be posting them here and on my social media.
I’ve been getting a ton of emails as of late looking for new work. While I am taking names for a waitlist, I am prioritizing the clients I rescheduled at the beginning of this pandemic. Once those clients are rebooked (about 3 months worth of appointments) I’ll start contacting those of you on the waitlist. Please be patient as things will be moving a bit slower than normal. We care about your safety and the safety of our families.
If you had an appointment previous to the lockdown I will be contacting you once we have everything set in place.
For those wanting new work please just email, with name, phone number, and brief description so that I can add you to my waitlist.Email is

WHO Charity Book

Did you know that Kirk Sheppard is a part of a charity book made with artwork from tattooers from all parts of the globe to raise money to be donated to the World Health Organization. Over 100 pages of tattoo related designs. 

because its a charity book books must be ordered on line through LULU link below…/stay…/paperback/product-1n7j2k96.html

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