Spring/Summer 2022

I am currently taking on new projects, booking in May through August at Urge 3 Tattoos.

Priority will be given to Japanese, traditional and tribal style tattoos, as well as pre-drawn designs from my Instagram page @tli_draws. I also would love to do some over-sized tattoos - think small or medium traditional or Japanese style tattoos (swallow, peony, rose, skull etc) done the size of a dinner plate or larger.

Email to set up a consultation  info@kirksheppardtattoos.com

June 18, 19 and 20
I’ll be back in Vancouver doing a guest spot at the world famous Rain City Tattoos

Best of the South Okanagan 2021

We at Urge 3 Tattoos have once again been awarded Best Tattoo Shop of the South Okanagnan by Penticton Western News! They did a nice write up on us recently for winning 3 years in a row. Check it out here

Thank you to all the clients of the shop for voting for us this year

Refreshed the Gumball machine

A few weeks back at Urge 3 Tattoos we got a new tattoo gumball machine. The old one got so much use the gears wore out! So we got a new and improved one with two sides, adding a bigger tattoo option in addition to our regular size tattoos.

How it works:  Feed a loonie into the machine. You get what you get. All designs are traditional flash designs from our extensive collection.

Smaller designs are $120. Larger ones are $180 (plus $1 for the machine). The tattoo is done in either colour or black and grey, your choice.


If interested in booking in for a gumball flash tattoo email Info@kirksheppardtattoos.com to make arrangements.

Vancouver 2021

Now that I am fully vaccinated and things are starting to look up, I’ll be resuming my semi-regular trips to Rain City Tattoos, my home away from home in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I am taking tattoo appointments on September 29-30 and October 2nd, as well as consultations for future trips.

Priority will be given to my predrawn custom one-offs from my Instagram @tli_draws 

If interested Email:  info@kirksheppardtattoos.com to make an appointment

Pentiction Now Best of City 2021

A big thank you to everyone that voted for us at Urge 3 Tattoos in this years Penticton Now’s best of the city, This year Urge 3 tattoos got Silver for best tattoo shop category.

And I received Bronze for my art work in best artist category

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