Predrawn custom one offs available

Due to our being appointment only currently, it’s hard for people to check out my sketchbooks of available custom pre-drawn tattoo illustrations.  I created a second instagram @tli_draws to show off my available pre-drawn one offs. 

How it works: Go follow @tli_draws on instagram; when you see something you want to get tattooed comment “interested” and email to make arrangements for a deposit. Once a deposit is left, I will pull the image and set it aside with your name on it and we can set up an appointment to do the tattoo at Urge 3 Tattoos in beautiful Penticton BC.

WHO Charity Book

Did you know that Kirk Sheppard is a part of a charity book made with artwork from tattooers from all parts of the globe to raise money to be donated to the World Health Organization. Over 100 pages of tattoo related designs. 

because its a charity book books must be ordered on line through LULU link below…/stay…/paperback/product-1n7j2k96.html

Taking on new projects for 2020

This year I’m planing on staying home more aside from my regular trips to RCT in Vancouver, I will not be doing conventions in 2020 which leaves me with more time to take on large tattoo projects such as full legs, backs and torso etc 

Priority will be given to Japanese and traditional style as usual as these styles are my specialty but will consider any and all projects as I love a challenge  

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